Lancaster MVP Circuit Challenge

Want to see what it's like to "Throw Gyro"? Come on out for the MVP Circuit Challenge at Herr Park on the morning of Saturday, July 1, 2017.

The Circuit Challenge consists of a round of 18 (may be expanded to 20 if needed) holes of singles using only the three discs provided in the player's pack. Some holes may be modified as this is a beginner friendly event. Additional prizes (including multiple baskets) will be given out for divisional winners, in round CTP's, and winners of the side games which are included in the registration fee. Proposed side games include a Putting Challenge, Midrange CTP, and Long Drive Competition, all using only the provided discs. If we get over 50 people registered everyone will get a Macro Tesla and an additional side game will be added.

Player’s Pack includes:
Particle – Putter in Neutron Plastic (brand new mold)
Vector – Midrange Driver in Electron Plastic
Servo – Fairway Driver in Plasma Plastic
Swag Pack with MVP Woven Lanyard, MVP Wristband, and MVP Vinyl Sticker
Retail value over $60!

Divisions Available:
Open/Advanced- $35
Intermediate/Recreational- $35
Women- $30
Juniors- $30
Baggers will be bumped to their correct division if rating dictates it.

If you want to play, register ASAP at:

Please note, due to the need to order the player's packs,
Pre-Registration Ends: 06/24/2017

TD – Shawn Conroy /

Feel free to contact me through FB or email with any questions.