LAFS Club news - Winter '16

Here is a brief rundown of things that LAFS is working on for the 2016 season and beyond...

  • The club will be taking monies raised at our big tournaments and setting them aside in a separate account to use to make future big tournaments bigger. 
  • We will be selling 12"x12" microfiber towels to raise funds for the club. Jon should have them in the next week or two.
  • Tags for this year will again be Gold & Silver. We've got a new style of tag in the works. We also plan on having a board to hang your tag on, in order, when you sign up. Should make things a little smoother at the end of the night. Tags will be $15 this year but we are considering raising the price to $20 for 2017. Feedback is welcome. Don't forget that buying a tag not only gets you in the yearly league, but makes you a full club member and gets you a discount on discs sold by Bill.
  • Jon is going to try to better organizing our growing group of volunteers. He'll post something up later. If you are interested in volunteering and getting more involved in the club, talk to Jon.
  • Travis secured ten new trees for Ship Rock! We also plan on installing more permanent OB lines and possibly adding three new sleeves for alternate pin placements.
  • We will once again have PDGA-sanctioned rounds on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Kurt will be the PDGA guy for Tuesdays while Jerry will handle Thursdays.
  • Bill Erdley is working on a brand-new computer system for our tag and handicap rounds. This will make the end of the night go faster and should provide us with a way to regularly post results.
  • We have three new baskets to install at Roland this spring.
  • Justin Weaver joined the LAFS council, replacing Darrell.