Record Attendance For Handicap Singles

Tonight we hit a milestone with 40 players at Buchmiller for Handicap Singles. We also had two ladies play with us tonight. It's been amazing to see our club grow over the past few years. It started out with Bill Geibel organizing small events a few nights a week, to regular events that people can't wait to come out to. We recently formed a club council, and have began to provide as many options to players as we can. It can honestly be said that all the hard work is paying off. We have more people involved and volunteering that ever. Our courses are top notch, and people are starting to recognize the Lancaster area as a disc golf destination. LAFS wouldn't be possible without you. Thank you for making our night with your record attendance. Spread the word, and please continue to give us the ability to provide a great disc golf club for years to come.