Buchmiller Basket Fundraiser

Buchmiller disc golf course turns 20 years old this year! When the baskets were first planted in 1995, Buch was one of the first courses on the east coast to use the Innova Discatchers that are so popular today. Unfortunately, the baskets have aged and need replaced.

Lancaster Area Frisbee Sports (LAFS) is raising funds to buy new baskets this year. Lancaster County Parks has agreed to split the costs with the club 50/50, but we still have to raise $3150. Our goal is to have the new baskets in the ground by the end of summer.

If you're on Facebook, like the page at www.facebook.com/buchbaskets to keep up-to-date on how close we are to our goal as well as what everyone can do to help. We are accepting donations large and small (no amount is too small!). Anyone who donates $325 (cost of one basket) or more can have their name put on the top yellow ring of a basket.

To make a donation by cash or check, contact Jon McDowell. If you don't know Jon, use the contact form on the right side of this page. To donate by credit card via Paypal, click here.