Picnic, player of the year, and glow season

The LAFS year-end picnic was yesterday. 30-40 disc enthusiasts got together to play disc golf, shoot minis, have a putting competition, toss the lid around, eat food, drink beer, and have a great time. Thanks to Loudmouth Linc for hosting and to everyone who helped out.

The 2015 LAFS Player of the Year trophy goes to Jon McDowell. This trophy goes to the winner of the Tuesday/Thursday league at Buchmiller and Roland. Jon took the #1 Gold tag while Bill Erdley took the #1 Silver.

It's now glow disc golf season in the LAFS area. We were at Overlook last week and will be at Buchmiller on Tuesday (10/20). Start time is 7:00 Tuesday. Watch the Facebook page for updates - we will be playing Ship Rock and Roland this fall too.