Are you ready for the challenge?


The Muddy Run Disc Golf Course is the disc golf equivalent of the school yard bully.  It's big.  It's mean.  It wants your lunch money...

... and your discs.  All of them.

At 9,044 feet from the gold tees, and with a total elevation change of 690 feet, this course has every challenge an upper level player could want.  Narrow fairways.  Protected greens.  Challenging footing.  And risk/reward decisions on almost every hole.  Just check out these statistics:

Par: 68
Total Distance: 9044'
Avg. distance per hole: 502'
Total elevation change: 690'
Avg. elevation change per hole: 38.3'
Avg. Slope: 7.6%  (1' for every 13.1' of distance)
Largest elevation changes:
     -- Hole #16 (-80')
     -- Hole #15 (+65')
     -- Hole #17 (+63')
Greatest Slope:
     -- Hole #15 (17.4%)
     -- Hole #13 (14.0%)
     -- Hole 3 (11.8%)

     (As a comparison, civil engineers try to limit highway slopes to 8%!)

So if you think you have what it takes to take on the baddest course in the area, then grab your sturdiest shoes and your trustiest discs and bring it on.

But you might want to bring some extra lunch money.