Weekly Leagues

Leagues are run from April through September on Tuesday, first Wednesdays, and Thursday evenings. Tee time is at 6:00pm, so be sure to show up at least 15 minutes early to get signed up. Check out the calendar above to see where leagues will be taking place each week.

Handicap Singles League

LAFS Handicap Singles league is based on a handicap scoring system, so players of all skill levels have a chance to compete. Entry is $5.00 which includes entry in the ace pot.

How the Handicap system works:

Each new player is given an estimated rating based on their average score playing the short layout at D.F. Buchmiller Park. This rating is put into our computer system which will calculate a handicap for the player. At the end of the round the players score is put back into the computer system which will output an adjusted score based on the players handicap. Our computer system keeps track of the 10 most recent rounds the player has played at our handicap events, and will adjust the players handicap accordingly. This ensures that the playing field is even among players of all skill levels. Simply put, if you beat your current average score by more compared to your opponents, you will come out on top.

We pay out roughly the top 25% of players in "funny money" toward prizes. Examples of prizes are: discs, apparel, equipment, and accessories. We place orders for new items fairly regularly. So if you're looking for something specific don't hesitate to ask.

At the end of the year, a trophy will be rewarded to the most improved player of the season. 

PDGA League

We now provide the option to sanction your league rounds with the PDGA during our weekly events. If you're already a member of the PDGA or plan to sign up this year, then sanctioning your round might be for you!

The PDGA requires a $1.00 entry fee to have your round sanctioned (in addition to the entry fee for the night). We input your name, PDGA number, and division into our computer system, then after the round it will be uploaded to the PDGA site. You'll be able to see your round rating immediately after they are uploaded, and will count toward your overall PDGA player rating. 

PDGA Leagues take place in conjunction with Handicap Singles on Tuesday nights, Tag Challenge rounds on Thursday nights, and during the Summer Solstice Series. Participation is completely optional.

Ace Pot & Entry Fees

The ace pot is in effect on Tuesdays, first Wednesdays and Thursdays. Hit an ace, win the pot!

$1.00 out of every entry fee is pulled out to pay for upkeep of the courses. D.F. Buchmiller Park charges us $0.60 per person to hold events, and Overlook Community Campus charges us $0.50.  The additional money is kept by the club. The entire $1.00 collected at Roland Park, Ship Rock DGC, and Herr Park DGC go toward gas for trimmers/mowers, equipment, and anything else we need to keep the courses looking great. 

Summer Solstice Series

In the middle of the season we take a break from the Handicap Singles on Tuesday night, and use the extra daylight to our advantage. During this time we play Pro/AM PDGA singles at Ship Rock DGC.