Come and check out the biggest "little course" in the area!

Tucked into a little park just outside of Lancaster, Pa, Herr Park DGC is the "Little DGC that Could!"  This little gem crams a whole bunch of playability into a tiny little community park.  Playing just over 6000 feet, this par 57 course will still demand that you use every shot in your bag.  Beginner and intermediate players will find that the course helps them understand the weaknesses in their game and allows them to develop shots and techniques that will help them take their game to the next level.  More advanced players will find a challenge in trying to squeeze every last scoring opportunity out of a course that doesn't give them up easily.  All players will appreciate the wide variety of course obsticles, from tunnels and protected greens to wide open, "everything-you've-got" fairways -- all the while surrounded by Amish farm vistas, neighborhood backyards, and preserved wetlands and natural areas.  So come check out this little beauty and see for yourself!