Ship Rock Tee Pad Fundraiser

We are currently raising funds to install concrete tee pads at Ship Rock DGC!

We are offering three sponsorship levels (see below). If you or your business would like to donate, please contact us at Also, if you know of any businesses who may be interested, please pass along this information. This goes a long way to being able to afford new pads and improve the park!

Here are some of the basic details of hole sponsorship:

Ace Sponsorship

- An Ace sponsorship is granted upon a donation of $800 or more. This sponsorship includes an 8.5 x 11 inch sign with a graphic for your business on a Tee Sign, solely for you. This sponsorship sign is maintained for 5 years.

Eagle Sponsorship

- An Eagle sponsorship is granted upon a donation of $300-799. This sponsorship includes a 5.5 x 8.5 inch sign with a graphic for your business a Tee Signs at Ship Rock, which is shared with another business who has chosen an Eagle Sponsorship. This sponsorship sign is maintained for 5 years.

Birdie Sponsorship

- A Birdie Sponsorship is granted upon a donation of $50-299. This sponsorship includes your name in the list of sponsors on the course overview sign.

TO DONATE, please make checks out to Strasburg Township. On the memo line, write “SHIP ROCK SPONSOR”. Note that Ship Rock Disc Golf Course is installed in Strasburg Township Park, and therefore all donations are tax deductible. If you donate, please email us for details about the graphic and the tax information. Additionally, individuals are welcome to donate any amount to the cause as well. Every little bit helps!

Checks can be sent to Strasburg Township - 400 Bunker Hill Road, Strasburg, PA 17579.
Cash donations can be given to Travis Dombach or Jon McDowell.

If you have any questions regarding the sponsorship or want to get more involved, please send us an email.


Red Rose Round Up #2 - Roland Park

Elevated Disc Golf Events and Lancaster Area Frisbee Sports are proud to present this event series showcasing the best courses in Lancaster County. This event will be played as a sanctioned C-Tier consisting of one round of 27 holes at Roland Park in Akron, PA.

All divisions are welcome but there must be three players to make a division unless an exception is granted by the event TD.

A portion (around $3) from each player's entry fee will be reserved for prizes for the series finale. Pro's will be playing for cash, amateurs will be playing a trophy only event. The player's pack will be valued at greater than the amateur player's total entry fee.

Register here.


Red Rose Round Up #1 - Ship Rock

Elevated Disc Golf Events and Lancaster Area Frisbee Sports are proud to present a new event series for our area. This is the opening event of the Red Rose Roundup Series showcasing the best courses in Lancaster County and will be played as a sanctioned C-Tier consisting of one round of 18 holes at Ship Rock DGC.

All divisions are welcome but there must be three players to make a division unless an exception is granted by the event TD.

A portion (around $3) from each player's entry fee will be reserved for prizes for the series finale. Pro's will be playing for cash, amateurs will be playing a trophy only event. The player's pack will be valued at greater than the amateur player's total entry fee.

Registration is open on Disc Golf Scene so sign up today!

Nate Beiler Memorial Tournament

MARCH 3RD - 10 AM - Ship Rock DGC

As many of you know, Nate Beiler passed away at the end of 2018. This will be a fun trophy only non-PDGA single round event. The idea is to have fun and share stories/memories of Nate while enjoying a round of disc golf.

All proceeds will go toward a bench which will be placed at Ship Rock DGC in Nate's honor. Any funds that are raised in excess of the cost of the bench will be donated to the Butterfly Endowment Fund in Nate’s name.

Registration will be day of, but please respond to this Facebook event (

Cost will be $15 and include multiple CTPs, as well as trophy’s for AM, Pro, and Woman’s Division.

There will also be a CTP following the round with tickets available to be purchased, with all proceeds.

We look fun to seeing you there and enjoying a day remembering Nate.



Celebrate the New Year with LAFS at the 24th Annual New Year’s Day Nightmare at Roland Park in Akron, PA!

January 1, 2019
Tee time: 11:00 a.m. (sign up by 10:45)
BYOP Doubles
No prereg - sign up day-of
Meet at Building by hole 11 tee

Round 1 - $50 per team ($25 each)
1-18, short layout
All players get disc of choice or 2019 LAFS membership with entry. Cash & prizes for top teams.

Round 2 - optional - $10 per team ($5 each)
19-27, long layout
Cash prizes

If you don’t have a partner, you can play singles for the price of one, or pay the price of the team and play doubles by yourself. Or post in the LAFS Facebook group and ask, you won’t be the only one looking!

We rented the Lion’s Club building by hole 11 and will have a pot luck lunch between rounds. Bring something to share. There are electric hookups for crock pots.

LAFS Team Match Play


LAFS is excited to announce it’s inaugural team match play event! It’s a format that we are excited to bring to Lancaster. In addition to being a fun and unique way to compete, it will also help grow the sport by raising money for our neighbors in East York. They are currently raising money for a course just across the bridge (20 minutes from Lancaster) and we want to help them out! I mean we will benefit from a new course too, right? We are hosting the event at Herr park and hope to see those same neighbors in attendance with us. There might even be a royal wedding to unite the kingdoms. This event is for club and non-club members from any area.

This will be a draft style matchplay. We will have 8 teams of X amount of people (based on interest). Teams will be selected by captains the week prior to the event.

How it works: Each team will seed their players 1-x. 1 seeds will play the 1 seed from the opposing team, 2 seed will play 2 seed from the opposing team, so on and so forth. Each match will be 9 holes long, unless a match doesn’t need to go any further due to winning enough holes. This means every player will play between 27 and 45 holes throughout the day. All seeding is to be done in good faith. The TD’s may step in if a team is seeding out of order to gain an advantage. The team with the best record amongst the matchups beats the opposing team.

The event will start with a divisional round. There will be 4 teams in division A and 4 teams in division B. You will go head to head against each team in your division one at a time. The top two team records from each division will advance to the semi-finals in which you will play one of the top two teams from the other division. Winners move to the finals, losers play for 3rd place.

Payouts: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place teams will be paid out. If you win your seed in your division during the divisional round, you will also be paid out something.

Ryan Davie and Jerry Dyson will be hosting the event. If you have any questions feel free to contact them.

Registration will open next week on Wednesday, September 19th @ 8pm at:

Herr Park doubles double-header

Mark your calendars for Sunday September 23rd. Herr Park DGC will host a doubles double-header! Proceeds from both will benefit York County Disc Golf club's new course at Kline's Run Park, south of Wrightsville.

Round 1 - MVP vs Axiom - Random Draw (A/B) doubles

The MVP vs. Axiom Series is similar to the “Circuit Challenge”, but players can choose either an MVP or Axiom themed player pack. This offers players more options to strategize with and compete with new plastic. It is also a great way to introduce new player's to tournament play. Everything they need to play will be provided.

Your $30 entry fee gets you a three discs (putter, midrange, and fairway driver) from the company of your choice plus an MVP drawstring bag.

Round 2 - Road to Am Worlds 4: Last Stop - Bring-your-own-partner doubles

This is a PDGA-sanctioned event (XC Tier) that gives all you ams a chance to earn points to qualify for 2019 Am Worlds (to be held in York county & at Muddy Run. Low cost / high fun is the name of the game.

You can play one or both events.

Akron Summer Classic 2018


It's time again for the Akron Summer Classic. Kick off the summer at Roland Park in Akron, PA on June 16 with this annual event. This PDGA C-Tier will test players in a variety of ways by including all 27 holes. First round will be 1-18, second will be 10-27. Both rounds will include Gold positions.

Registration opens May 18 at 7:00 p.m. on DGScene. Sign up early to reserve your spot.

The Milo Classic benefiting Pet Pantry of Lancaster County


This is a Road to Am Worlds Detour. Do you still need points to get into next year's Am Worlds event? Have you done your good deed yet for today? Knock out both of those things by signing up for this event.

This will be a SANCTIONED XC TIER doubles event. No need to find a partner, we've got you covered.

ALL players will be matched as follows- highest rated and lowest rated are a team, second highest rated and second lowest rated are a team, etc. For those who might worry about how this might affect your rating, XC tier events DO NOT COUNT towards ratings but they DO COUNT towards amateur point totals.

All teams will be playing against each other in the Advanced Division which means that, assuming we fill the field, the winning team members will each get 360 points, second place will be 350 points, third = 340 points, etc. There is no bigger bang for your buck than this event, and you'll be doing a good deed at the same time.

The player's pack will consist of a custom Ultimate disc. There will be an in round CTP for every card, as well as post round side games- long drive, putting contest, CTP, and raffle. All proceeds will be donated to the Pet Pantry of Lancaster County.

Preregistration opens on May 27 at DGScene.


Road To Am Worlds 3: Smell Our Dairy Air


PDGA C-Tier at Ship Rock DGC on May 27.

Sign up at:


Another sanctioned C-tier for under $11? Really?? Yes, really.

With everyone scrambling to earn enough points to qualify for Am Worlds, players need to save some money for the bigger A & B tiers but can still grab a significant number of points at this trophy only, amateur only, bargain basement C-tier.

Additionally, if a non-PDGA player wants to test out the waters of competitive play, this will allow them to do so without breaking the bank.

A small player's pack will be provided, but don't get crazy, you're paying less than $11

Join the club

Becoming a LAFS member helps the Lancaster County disc golf scene in many ways. It allows the club to maintain and expand the courses, run leagues and events, and spread the love of the sport to new players.

It also has a few benefits to you, the member. You will receive a sweet LAFS bag patch, get discounts on discs and other stuff sold by the club, be entered into the year-long competition for the coveted LAFS traveling trophy, and get the opportunity to contribute to and have a say in the local disc golf scene.

Cost of membership for 2018 is $20. Join up at any league night or LAFS event, or by talking to a Council member.

LAFS Leagues start Saturday!

The official LAFS season starts on March 31!

After our first Muddy Run Monthly (see below) we will start our weeklies with Warm Up Doubles at Buchmiller on April 3 & 5. $5 to play. A/B format. 6:00 start.

After that, it will be singles. We will do 8 Tuesdays at Buch, then 8 at Ship Rock, then back to Buch for 8 more. Thursdays will be at Roland all season. We'll also have an 8-week Wednesday series at Herr this summer. And, for the first time ever, we will have a monthly series at Muddy Run, on the last Saturday of each month - starting March 31.

For all of these league rounds, please arrive 10-15 minutes early to sign up. This helps us get started on time.


The Crosstown Shootout

Lancaster Area's first PDGA tournament of the season will be the Crosstown Shootout on May 5th at Ship Rock and Muddy Run. The entire field will play one round at each course, with a lunch break in between. Lunch option is available at registration. 

Preregistration opens on April 3rd. Sign up at:

Men's Pro and MA1 divisions -

All other divisions -



Road to Am Worlds Series

The PDGA Amateur World Championships will be coming to Central PA in 2019. To help everyone accumulate the points needed to qualify, there will be a series of low-cost C-Tiers held throughout the season. The first is this Sunday, February 25, at Herr Park. This event is sold out. The second will be held at Roland Park on April 8. There are a few spots remaining. Sign up at here.

Several more events are in the works at courses around the area. We'll post details as they become available.